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What do I need to form a company right now?
A minimum of 1 person, name, address, and date of birth
If they are directors of other UK companies, you need the company names and Registration Numbers (we can help you look those up online).
Check the name you want for your company has not already been taken (we help you look this up before you start).
A credit card to pay, or you can use PayPal.
There is no faster way to form a UK company. You just enter the company name and who will run the company - then your credit card details and your company is formed almost instantly. 10/10

We provide possibly the fastest UK company incorporation service which delivers your documents electronically - so there are no paper forms to sign!


We are an express online company formation service - if you want the official companies registry in Cardiff click here for Companies House.

It's as easy as that - our formation service takes you through each stage step by step. Click here if you want to see the formation process or click here for more about us Company House.

Company Formation...
Very quick thank you. All the information I needed was shown online.
N.W. London
I decided today was the day I'd form my company - and I made my first sale as a Limited company this afternoon! A very fast and easy company formation. Thank you.
Mr. B.W. Leeds
Company Formation

With our express company formation services you can form your new UK Limited company online in hours

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Fast, Cost Effective, and Easy...
Company House - company formation online in just 4 hours - and no paperwork! Click here to start and have your UK company formed today. We offer an online company formation service here with no paperwork - form your new UK company in just 4 hours online. The Company House web formation services are designed for especially for small business users and SME enterprises, even people working from home or who run a small company from their home. We streamline our services and make them as cost-effective and efficient as possible in order to provide low entry level services that are affordable for large and small businesses alike.

Credit Reports Service
We have a partner service that now provides UK consumers access to their own credit report. For more information about the service see the UK Credit Reports service to see your own credit report.

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